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At Bliss Fit Foods, we create, produce and deliver a range of delicious and wholesome foods using only premium, natural wholefood ingredients.

Our slices and granolas are perfect for breakfast, as a snack on the go, or to add to your meals for unique and flavoursome creations. They are ideal for avoiding the 3pm energy slumps and curbing sugar cravings, full of wholesome ingredients that will keep you fuller for longer.

Bliss Fit Foods are handcrafted to perfection to bring you the best quality foods to fuel and nourish your body. AND the best part – they taste great!

The Bliss Fit Difference

Great food must start with premium ingredients! We source our ingredients responsibly and use only the best quality. Ingredients we use are all natural and wholesome! Click THE INGREDIENTS to read the benefits of some of the ingredients we use in Bliss Fit Foods. Nuts and seeds are activated to allow better digestion and maximum absorption of nutrients. For more details, click THE PROCESS to view the process.

Some of the ingredients include:





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What makes Bliss Fit Foods special?

Our foods are created with the health conscious in mind, and suitable for those with a variety of food intolerances or lifestyles.

Fibre > 10%
Paleo & Keto friendly
No additives or preservatives
Higher in Protein
Nutritionally Balanced
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