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Looking for a delicious way to start your day with the energy you need? Perhaps a snack on the run?? Or want to get creative with your home recipes and salads, while adding extra nutrients? We’ve got you covered!

Bliss Fit Bar

Bliss Fit Granola

And it won’t stop there…we’re busy developing and creating new additions to our ranges.

New ranges are Coming Soon...

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Our foods are created with the health conscious in mind, and suitable for those with a variety of food intolerances or lifestyles.   

All of our products are:

- Gluten-Free
- Raw
- Refined Sugar-Free
- Vegan
- All Natural Whole Foods
- No Additives
- No Preservatives
- Low Carb < 40%
- High in Healthy Fats
- High in Fibre 
- Protein Balanced
- Keto, Kosher & Paleo friendly
- Low GI
- Rich Source of Vitamins and Minerals

Impressive, right?

On top of all that, here at Bliss Fit Foods – we take the time and care to activate the nuts and seeds we use, to pack in all the health and nutritional benefits we can give you!

Click here to see how activation benefits your body.

Bliss Fit Foods are convenient to take with you anytime, anywhere; and are a great snack or meal replacement, for those of you on the go; without compromising your nutrition!