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How it Began

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Bliss Fit Foods was born from wanting (and needing in my case) to eat healthy, without compromising on taste to do so!

Growing up, my health was a constant battle. For years I struggled with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which I tried to manage with diet. I avoided junk foods and soft drinks, and did my best to eat well. Unfortunately my IBS got worse. I had low energy and got sick more often.

I visited doctor after doctor, hoping one had the answer to my problems; but unfortunately never left with any real solutions.   Rock bottom for me, came when my low immune system exacerbated my skin problems and my self-esteem took a serious dive.

I couldn’t go on like that anymore; and that’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Instead of just avoiding junk and processed foods, I began to actively explore the world of nutrition.

First I discovered how much harm refined sugar and gluten was doing to my body…and, well everyone’s body. These had to go! I found dairy wasn’t doing me any favours either – so it was next on the chopping block.

I researched high-fibre foods, superfoods, and fit foods and learnt about the benefits of activating nuts and seeds. Bit by bit I changed the way I ate with everything I learned. In time, I cured my IBS completely. Yes – gone! I had the energy to exercise, and suddenly was feeling the best I had in my life.

But my new lifestyle presented me two problems. First, sugar, gluten and dairy were staples – they were in EVERYTHING, and hard to avoid. But I did. Second, the more I learned about nutrition and benefits of various foods, the better I ate, and the better I felt. But it was at the cost of sacrificing taste and things I loved! As a “foodie”, I knew that wouldn’t fly!

So began my journey of creating delicious, functional foods that nourished my body, AND satisfied my taste buds!

I created breakfast and snack foods that were both delicious and nourishing; full of wholesome superfoods and activated nuts and seeds, with incredible colour and flavour.

My kitchen experiments quickly turned into an obsession. And not just for me. The friends and neighbours I shared them with couldn’t get enough!

I knew there were others out there like me; or just the health conscious – and with the response I had to my creations, I decided it was time to share them with as many people as I could.

Today, the Bliss Fit Foods team is on a mission to create and share with you our delicious, nutritious foods; bringing you a range of vegan, gluten-free foods that provide all the nutrients and fibre you need, that you will actually love to eat!

Let us be BlissFit & Healthy.

With Love,

Jenny xx